From the end of June to middle of October!


To brighten your summer holiday:

No matter how many nights you spend with us – the following facilities are available for all guests of the Hotel zum Hirschen to use at the Aqua Dome Thermal Spa, just 300 metres away (5 minutes’ walk), every day free of charge 
(valid starting the day you arrive, but not on the day you depart):

In the thermal dome Ursprung, there are two big pools of warm, sulphurous thermal spring water, brought forth from a depth of 1865m and kept at 34° and 36° Celsius, both inviting you in for a refreshing dip.

The striking waterfall, both the indoor pools, the chill-out rooms laid out like opera galleries, and the view through the large glass facade out over the natural world will simply take your breath away.

In the open-air thermal spa Talfrische are three seemingly levitating, futuristic bowl-shaped pools, connected to each other by a shining glass cone, which produce a feeling of weightlessness.

Your bathing experience in one of these bowls is accompanied by underwater music and lighting effects. The massage bowl strikes one as a kind of oversized sulphur pool, and the brine pool suspends all gravity and everyday worries weighing on you.

Watching the sun set behind the mountaintops as you while the time away in the bowls, you can float up to cloud 9 leaving everyday life behind you.

One very special highlight is the moonlight bath, which promises sheer romance under the star-studded sky of the Ötztal Valley every Friday night until midnight.

The fitness pool is equipped with underwater fitness apparatus and has a range of different aqua gymnastics to offer all water sports fans.

Here just waiting for children and families, you’ll find a separate waterworld with two big swimming pools on the deck of a ship, a gigantic water slide spanning 90 metres and playrooms to capture the imagination.

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