'Eppas Guets' (something good) from our kitchen

Only the best from the Ötztal Valley

Even we as your hosts would like to bring you closer to the Ötztal Valley and its produce. That’s why we too like to use select produce from our homeland. There are a great deal of businesses that sell these products directly. In case you’re interested, you too can savour a piece of ‘Ötztal’ at home. We can give you a list of the places where you can buy original Ötztal products. After a day out on the mountain or in the field, there’s nothing better than a mouth-watering ‘Marende’, as they call their afternoon snack in the Ötztal Valley. 

The work out in the fields used to involve a lot more manual labour than it does today. The whole family and often the relatives too would help to bring in the hay. After work they would then sit down together for a ‘Marende’ with an assortment of different produce, all home-made or sourced from the region.

It would be well worth reviving this old culinary custom. Our farmers would deliver all the produce fresh, straight from nature, straight from the valley: wafer-thin streaky bacon slices, Tyrolean smoked sausages, tangy and mild cheeses, cold pork belly, butter and hard-boiled eggs from happy hens. These ingredients would be appetizingly arranged on a wooden board. Then alongside would be served gherkins or horseradish. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a freshly baked farmhouse loaf. And for refreshment we’d pass around an apple juice from the sunny village of Haiming in the Inn Valley.

"Mahlzeit und lasst's enk schmecken!” (Enjoy your meal, may it taste good!)

Farm produce and direct marketers in the Ötztal Nature Park

While out shopping we’ll now stumble upon garlic from China, onions from Australia and lamb from New Zealand. And some ‘market mavens’ would have us believe that the transport isn’t an issue, that the products weren’t available in Tyrol, that the quality is extra special, etc. As he’s saying this, here in Tyrol we still have a well-structured farming industry, there are people committed to the cause who have started the initiative to merchandise specialities from the valley, and there’s talk of sustainable development.

The Ötztal Nature Park and the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman’s Office with all their initiatives want to take an active step towards putting Ötztal specialities back on the plate. Because every kilometre not needed to transport the goods is a win. Every time someone considers the local quality it’s a double win, one for you as the consumer, and another for the farmers and producers. With this in mind, we’d like to make your mouth water for the Ötztal specialities and titbits, for quite simply ‘EPPAS GUESTS’.