Hiking Wonderland in Längenfeld

In the heart of the Ötztal Valley, all around Längenfeld, a kaleidoscopic network of wonderful walking trails unfolds before you. There’s something to suit all tastes along these 150 kilometres of hiking trails. The trails stretch throughout the valley basin of Längenfeld and across the mountainsides of the Stubai and Ötztal Alps.

The panorama hikes at medium altitude around the area are a really special treat, the height of delight. Längenfeld is surrounded by steep mountainsides towering up to craggy peaks. Across expansive cirques and past sparkling mountain lakes, there’s no end to the magical routes leading you to your chosen destinations in this top corner of the Alps. Your host, a certified mountain hiking guide, is more than happy to help you plan your route. 

Ötztal Hiking Region

Taking the trails at a gentle incline, the eye keeps wandering over to the lush meadows and forests lying there at the hiker’s feet. Walking across the fields is great for anyone not wishing to push it too far. The levels of the Längenfeld valley floor make for quite a pleasant walk. More than 40 kilometres of trails will lead you past the many little hamlets of the Längenfeld community. A hiking holiday in the Ötztal Valley leaves nothing to be desired.