The Hirschen of Längenfeld – history going back 400 years in the Ötztal Valley

Towards the end of the 16th century, the ‘Hirschen’ is referred to for the first time in the village chronicle as a tavern with horse keeping. Up until 1926, the Hirschen was an important stop and horse changing station in the Ötztal Valley. From that point on, the first bus route was introduced, which even now still stops right outside the hotel. In 1860 the Gstrein family took over the Hirschen guest house.

Through their endeavours of the host family helped to make Längenfeld one of the top tourist spots in Tyrol. We owe it to the Gstrein family’s entrepreneurship that the spa hotel in Längenfeld was built in 1893, putting Längenfeld on the map back then as a bathing resort. And at the turn of the century many renowned artists came to Längenfeld, among others Christian Morgenstern, Joachim Ringelnatz and the painter Albin Egger-Lienz, who captured the landscape and the rural culture of Längenfeld in a great many pictures. .

In the last 50 years, Längenfeld has grown into a modern holiday resort with an infinite range of summer holidays and winter holidays on offer. Nevertheless, care must be taken that we work towards these developments in harmony with the natural surroundings and in keeping with the old traditions. And that’s how we do things at the ‘Hirschen’ too. You can still see and feel the old ‘Hirschen’, but the luxury nonetheless lives up to all our guests’ expectations.