Winter Activities in the Ötztal Valley

Längenfeld offers endless possibilities for winter holiday activities in the Ötztal Valley. 

Winter walks in the Ötztal Valley

Even in winter, the hiking buffs don their boots and are carried away by the natural world of Längenfeld. Across 40 kilometres of channelled and cleared hiking trails, you are invited to take some wonderful tours of the valley basin. After each fresh snowfall, the hiking trails are cleared again as soon as possible. Wondrous ice formations, forests under a thick blanket of snow – all this accompanies them on their walk through the wintry Ötztal Valley. Anyone who’d prefer to spend a day walking in the mountains, however, has a large selection of cabins to choose from, all with easy access via easy hiking trails.

Toboggan Heaven in Längenfeld

Längenfeld is a veritable paradise for tobogganing fans. Spanning a total of more than 18.5 kilometres, 5 toboggan runs provide colossal fun for young and old! The journeys to and from the tobogganing taverns in Längenfeld can be superbly combined with a wonderful winter walk. And after your journey, you obviously can’t go without stopping in for a hearty bite in one of the countless cabins.

Ice skating and Bavarian curling

Ice skating and Bavarian curling on the ice rinks in Längenfeld is a smooth affair! There is a perfectly prepared rink at the Unterlängenfeld Sports Grounds for ice skaters to use. The rink is open from 09:00 to 22:00 in appropriate weather conditions throughout the winter months and is illuminated of an evening.

Ski Touring in the Ötztal Valley

In winter, the nearby village of Gries is a real El Dorado for ski tourers. Each year the multitude of possible routes entices visitors from all over Tyrol into the wonderful scenery high above Längenfeld. Across the region there’s an infinite variety of tours you can take, so that even ski touring fiends shan’t be found wanting and even on the last day of your holiday there are still new things for you to discover.