Längenfeld Running Central

Up at 1200 metres, Längenfeld stretches out for 20 kilometres across a plain into the midst of the Tyrolean Ötztal Valley. 110 kilometres of signposted running trails form a kaleidoscopic network. The diversity of these routes gets everyone going, beginners and advanced runners alike. Easy and tricky terrain are right on each other’s heels. Längenfeld is an El Dorado for sporty holidaymakers and has a huge range of different exercise and training options to put forward. Längenfeld is Tyrol’s unique hub of high-altitude exercise in the Ötztal Valley.

Längenfeld Running Country

Längenfeld’s special location makes it a perfect place to train for running and endurance sports. On your toes, then put your feet up – that’s what the recipe for healthy exercise in Längenfeld says. The first step is medical attention. Professional trainers and highly well-trained mountain guides are there to accompany both beginners and pros on their runs, or their Nordic walking or climbing tours. After your athletic pursuits, Tyrol’s first and only thermal spa, the Aqua Dome, is highly recommended for your ultimate relaxation.