The skiing areas in the Ötztal Valley – visions in white

Längenfeld is the ideal starting point for wonderful winter days in the skiing areas of the upper Ötztal Valley. Längenfeld is practically next-door neighbours with the two top skiing areas, Sölden (145km pistes / 33 ski lifts) and Obergurgl (110km pistes / 24 ski lifts). Whatever you’re looking for – here with us in the Ötztal Valley you’ll find it. The sky’s the limit for your ski run fun, whether you come just the two of you, just by yourself, or with all the family.

The skiing areas in the Ötztal Valley

Skiing area Sölden / Hochsölden: The best skiing area in the alps. 145 km pistes and 33 modern ski lifts just waiting to be explored.

Skiing area Ober- / Hochgurgl: "The Diamont of the Alps" with 110 Pistes and 24 ski lifts. Ski fun for everyone is guaranteed!

Skiing area Hochötz: The skiing area at the entrance of the Ötztal Valley is perfect for families. There are 41 pistes and 12 lifts for beginner and experts.

Other skiing areas in the Ötztal Valley: Vent, Gries and Niederthai

The skiing areas in the Ötztal Valley:

There are no fewer than 6 skiing areas (Hochgurgl–Obergurgl, Sölden, Hochötz, Niederthal, Vent, Gries) in the Ötztal Valley just waiting to be explored. Altogether that makes more than 350 kilometres of ski run fun. There are 90 lift facilities to see you up to an altitude of 3000 metres in comfort and luxury. There the optimal piste conditions and glorious ski slopes amidst the Ötztal mountain panorama await you from then until well into May. This is where skiing is simply a blast!